There are only more than 4000 Phibrows Certified Professional Microblading Artists in the USA and we trained Most of them!

Nhung Nguyen

Master Jocelyn is the best. She's very knowledgeable, caring for students. She answers all of students questions and concerns. During the class, she comes to every student to see their work, spend more time to struggling students whenever they need. She's so sweet and friendly. The most important thing, she does great job and students can get free but beautiful eyebrows microblading.
Love love her and the staffs

Anhthu Tran

I love the class, it is easy to understand about PhiBrows by Master Jocelyn ..... She is nice, patient, and giving good instructions that you can achieve your career.... Love PhiBrows, love Master Jocelyn, and can't wait to join another class in the future...!....���

Jessie Nguyen

Good thing to learn more stuff... And also keep it for back up plan in the feAture )


i just finished 2 days class on aug 20th ,and 21th .Jocelyn is the best master i ever meet. she very nice,beautiful . she taught us with all her heart . they have five instructor to help every students and they so nice , hight experience...they're it worth for every penny u pay. i can't wait to join her new class in the future. thanks so much !


Microblading: The #1 Secret For The Best Eyebrows.

Let us introduce you the amazing procedure called microblading.

We understand your woes. We know that grumpy feeling that you get every morning when you wake up. We understand that you have to hit the day trying to look good. We understand that you have to repeat this process every day, and you hardly have any time!
Look at that tousled hair! And those droopy eyes, and those eyebrows!
For God’s sake, look at them! You will have to do so much to make sure that your eyebrows look beautiful for the day.
If you care about your beauty, you make sure that nobody can point out any flaws on your eyebrows when you are walking down the roads. That is because the eyebrows set the aura for the whole face.
You can look grumpy, or jolly, or even insensitive if your eyebrows are not properly shaped. After all, they are the most important details that are instantly noticed, but often overlooked. And you understand that, and that is why you take so much care of them.

So how long do you take to get those eyebrows in perfect condition?
Let us say, 5 minutes? Or is it 10 minutes? Or 20 minutes?
Whatever time it takes, the eyebrows stay in the front seat of your brain all the time. Do you worry that the shaped will be smeared when you accidentally touch the eyebrows? And that is something that you could happily do away with, right?
Think about all that time and effort you could save if you have zero concern about them from now.
This is what we are after. We are after making sure that you get most of the time for yourself, as opposed to spending time on those eyebrows. We must ensure that you achieve perfection.

What Is Eyebrow Microblading? All About this Incredible Eyebrows Embroidery Method
Perfectly shaped eyebrows are every women’s fantasy. Are you tired after spending years on pencils and shadowing and the eyebrows are never the same?
USA Microblading is happy to introduce to you the technique to make the eyebrows look as lush and full as of today’s supermodels. This new ‘trending’ technique, which is intriguing to most of the makeup enthusiasts is Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Makeup.

Know More

These are microblading Before and After pictures by Master Jocelyn Tran and Phibrows.

USA MICROBLADING-The TeamThat Will Make You Happy!USA Microblading salon is the world leader in all the microblading techniques. Our team comrises of world class microblading experts like Phimaster Jocelyn Tran. She had trained at the best institutes around the world. With our sophisticated methods and unique tools, you can be sure that your brows are in the right hands. We have made the eyebrows of hundreds of people amazing…

You will createthe best only when you love your work.Phimaster Jocelyn Tran